Sleep Essential Oil Blend: Best Oils to Improve Sleep

Sleep Essential Oil Blend: Best Oils to Improve Sleep

A sleep essential oil blend is what you need if you have been struggling to sleep lately. If you live a very stressful life and discover that you find it hard to sleep, especially at night, you should do something about it. Sleep pills have several unsavory side effects, so it’s best to use a natural treatment solution that will induce sleep.

Of all the sleep remedies out there, essential oils are by far some of the best of the lot because they contain organic compounds that will not trigger nasty side effects synonymous with many other sleep-inducing treatments.

What is an essential oil blend?

An essential oil blend is a combination of different essential oils mixed into a single potion. The practice of combining two or more oils is not new, and blends have become very popular because they are far more potent than the use of single oils. When you mix oils, you combine the potency of all of them for greater effect.

How to use essential oil blend to improve sleep

When it comes to using essential oil blends, there are three effective ways of doing so. They are as follows.

Inhaling: A common practice is to inhale the oil blend by diffusion. Just some water into the diffuser (depending on your device) and place a few drops into the water and switch it on. As it works, the molecules will disperse into the air, and each time you breathe in, you inhale some of the molecules.

Skin application: Some people constantly complain that they feel uncomfortable breathing in strong fragrances. If you find it hard to breathe well when exposed to fragrances, the skin application method may be right for you. This method may not be as effective as the first method of inhaling, but it still works. When you run it on your skin, it absorbs the molecules, and the bloodstream transports it to the brain, which will then induce sleep. However, we recommend that you test it on a small section of your skin first to ensure your body won’t react negatively to it before applying it all over.

Ingestion: Some essential oil products like doTERRA produced by manufacturers claim that they can be ingested. This method is quite controversial, though. Many experts argue that ingestion may trigger nausea and other unpleasant conditions. So we recommend you consult your doctor before using this method. Until then, just stick to the first two methods reviewed.

Note: Before using a sleep essential oil blend, make sure you do your due diligence so you don’t mix the wrong oils. As a general rule, don’t mix too many oils with strong fragrances if you feel uncomfortable inhaling extremely strong fragrances.

Sleep Essential Oil Blend: Best Oils to Improve Sleep

How does sleep essential oil blend work?

Sleep oil blends work by stimulating the olfactory system of the brain. This system is responsible for controlling the Limbic system and smell. The Limbic system controls your emotions.

So when your body absorbs essential oil molecules, they are transported to the brain, and they affect the emotional center (Limbic system). The effect of this is the release of neurotransmitters like serotonin and dopamine that elevate mood. These transmitters make you feel good and relaxed. More importantly, is another hormone it triggers called melatonin which induces sleep. The more sleep melatonin released, the more sleepy you will become.

The best essential oil blend for sleep

Below, we review some of the best sleep essential oils individually but feel free to combine two or more of them to form a blend. You are not limited to the number of oils you can combine; just make sure you test them on a minimal scale before you use them.

Lavender Oil

No sleep essential oil blend will be complete without including Lavender oil. Lavender has several benefits, and one of them is as a sleep aid. This oil reduces blood pressure, is good for the heart, and eases the body into a state of sleep. Since it reduces anxiety, it will calm your nerves and make you calm. In such a calm state, sleep is inevitable.

Ylang Ylang Oil

Ylang Ylang is another very good oil to include in your sleep oil blend. This oil is extracted from the tree of the same name in Asia. It has a similar effect to Lavender since it reduces blood pressure and heart rate. It also induces calmness, and the fruity scent relaxes the body

Chamomile Oil

Chamomile oil offers general and specific benefits to the user. It regulates body rhythm and calms the mind. When diffused into the air, it reduces anxiety and makes you tranquil.

Peppermint Oil

Peppermint oil may not be a very potent sleep inducer, but it aids restfulness. If you are restless, you can’t sleep, but peppermint oil can help in that regard. Once you are in a state of rest, you can then drift into sleep. Peppermint oil is best mixed with softer oils like chamomile and geranium.

Bergamot Oil

People dealing with insomnia will experience tremendous respite with bergamot. While it contains antifungal properties like many other essential oils, it prepares the body for sleep long before it comes. Bergamot reduces mental and physical stress. This oil works well with ylang ylang and lavender oil.

Sandalwood Oil

Sandalwood wood has a very strong and enticing scent, and only a few oils can draw you into the throes of sleep like Sandalwood. It improves your mood and helps you relax after a long day outdoors. Sandalwood can also be used as a blend with other oils for greater effect.

Cedarwood Oil

Cedarwood has a natural scent that reminds you of what life is like in the jungle. This oil has a wood-like scent that will ease you of the stress you may be feeling. If you diffuse it in your bedroom, Cedarwood will put you in the mood for sleep. Furthermore, you can mix it with other oils like oregano and bergamot.

Marjoram oil

Not many have heard of Marjoram but believe us when we tell you that this essential oil has potent compounds that are activated when blended with other oils like Lavender and Chamomile, to mention a few. Marjoram has both physical and mental effects on the body. It relaxes the brain and body muscles and allows you to sleep properly for much longer than you ordinarily would.

Clary Sage

Clary Sage has a positive effect on the brain and emotions. If you diffuse Clary sage a few minutes before you retire for the night, you will experience blissful tranquility, which will trigger sleep. Clary sage is recommended for people who struggle with troublesome thoughts at bedtime. It calms the mind and allows you to peacefully drift into sleep.

Vetiver Oil

Vetiver is another oil that is not very popular. It has a dusty smell similar to the scent you perceive when rain showers on dry ground. Just like Clary, Vetiver calms the mind and leaves it in a peaceful state until sleep takes hold. Vetiver is best diffused at night before your bedtime.

Eucalyptus Oil

No list will be complete without the blissful aroma of eucalyptus oil for all its natural, therapeutic goodness. Its aroma not only clears the airways it also decongests your respiratory tract so you can breathe easy as your body glides into sleep.

Valerian Oil

Then we have Valerian oil. This oil has a close variant found in other products, but they have the same effects. Valerian aids sleep, especially among middle-aged and elderly people.

Sleep essential oil blend FAQ

How many essential oils can I mix to form a blend?

You are free to mix as many essential oils as you wish. Just make sure you do so with a carrier oil.

How do I use essential oils to aid sleep?

You may diffuse it, which is the best method. You may also apply some drops to a tissue or cloth and inhale them.

Can I bathe with essential oil?

Yes, you may do so. Bathing with diluted sleep essential oil blend before bed will prepare your body for sleep.

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