A Review Of Relaxing Essential Oil Blends


Aromatherapy practices have come a very long way, and today, there are different essential oils in use, including relaxing essential oil blends. It appears that with each passing day, researchers discover new ways to tap into the rich deposits of essential oils.

Life has become more stressful than ever, and people are looking for ways to relax, especially when at home. The good news is that calming essential oil blends can do just that. These oils are extracted from plants, and they help the body relax. But how so?

The olfactory system is responsible for regulating our emotions, and science has taught us that more than a few things can trigger our emotions, including memories and fragrance. The use of pleasant fragrances to trigger positive human emotions have been around for a very long time, so it is no small wonder that aromatherapists turn to essential oils as part of their treatment formula. 

Even in many spa centers, they use essential oils to calm anxiety and relieve patrons of stress. So in this next section, we review some of the best relaxing essential oil blends.

Relaxing essential oil caveats

But before we do so, here are some caveats to bear in mind

  • Essential oils are highly potent, so they should be used with caution, especially if you are a first-time user. Oils should be used in moderation and not in excess; otherwise, you may trigger an allergic reaction in your system.
  • Always follow the application method as instructed and do not stray
  • Use the oil in small doses at first before increasing your application

Best relaxing essential oil blends

The best way to relax is with the perfect essential oil blend. Here are our top picks for most relaxing aromatherapy oils:


Lavender oil is one of the best essential oils for relaxing your nerves after a rough day. This oil is ideal for first-time users who have never applied any essential oil before. What makes Lavender so tick is that it is an anxiolytic or anti-anxiety oil that will induce a calming effect

This oil has an aromatic scent that you will find pleasing. If combined with a carrier oil, it can have a tremendously positive effect on your body. You can spray it in your clothes before wearing it or diffuse it in your room. Lavender can also be applied to the skin too.


Chamomile is another essential oil with a relaxing effect on the body. This oil is derived from the chamomile plant known for its sedative effect. Chamomile can trigger sleep if used correctly, and we all know what sleep does to the body; it relaxes the muscle and the brain cells. Even if it doesn’t put you to sleep, you may remain in a tranquilized state, which will also be good for your nerves.

We also know that chamomile therapy is an effective treatment to help people who experience anxiety disorder by spiking cortisol production in the morning. Besides, it is also a good treatment for body pains, wounds, digestive upset and general sleep problems.

For best effect, consider diffusing a blend of chamomile and jojoba oil on your bed at least 1-2 hours before you sleep.

Orange oil

Orange oil is not as widely used as many other oils, but it remains a top choice because of its meditation benefits. This citrus-based oil helps you stay alert and focused all through the day, and it also relaxes the nerves. The nice fragrance has a positive effect on the body if inhaled and may even have a better effect than placebo treatments. 

The bright scent has a calm effect on the brain and induces a balanced mood. If distilled and diffused with other oils, it can really help you function optimally during the day. However, note that this oil is not ideal at night because it may disrupt your sleep cycle by keeping you relaxed but awake.


This oil, with a funny name, is extracted from the roots and woods of w plant called Santalum album from where it got its name. The tree or plant is of East Indian origin and regarded by horticulturists as one of the most valuable trees on the planet. Sandalwood has rich compounds that reduce anxiety due to its anxiolytic properties.

You can use sandalwood in different ways. One option is to diffuse it, inhale or apply it to your skin.

Clary Sage

Clary Sage is a herb found in the Mediterranean basin, and the botanical name is Salvia Sclarea.  Clary Sage is a stress reliever that positively impacts cortisol in the body, which is a stress hormone. When cortisol spikes, the body becomes greatly stressed, but when you inhale or diffuse this oil and your body absorb it, cortisol levels will decrease. 

Clary Sage also works as an anti-depressant and has proven to be effective for women already experiencing menopause. For best results, apply a drop or two on a cotton ball and inhale the fragrance or you may diffuse it in your room or apply it directly on your skin.

Lemon oil

Lemon has several uses, which is why it is a common oil used in beauty products. But did you know this essential oil is also a mood stimulant? Lemon oil is sourced from the lemon plant, and it has anxiety reduction properties. Aromatherapists use it as a sedative and an anxiety reduction solution.

The pleasant aroma lightens the mood and also increases cognition and attention. If you want to remain alert and calm at the same time, Clary Sage is a useful alternative to anti-depressants.

Bergamot oil

Bergamot is a citrus-based anxiolytic extracted from the peel of Citrus Bergamia.  Although a lot of research is still ongoing to discover uses for this oil, preliminary tests show that bergamot aids relaxation and reduces stress.

This oil is best diffused into the air rather than applied to the skin. This is because it is very sun sensitive and can lead to burns if you expose your body to the sun. But when diffused, you inhale it, and the effects will be felt nonetheless.

Rose oil

The rose flower is by far the most popular flower in the world, but beyond its beauty, this flower possesses oil extracts that work wonders for the human body. Rose oil is distilled from the flower, and the oil has calming properties. 

If the fragrance is inhaled, it reduces the breathing rate and saturated oxygenated blood. This oil will relax your nerves and eliminate anxiety. Today, many manufacturers include rose oil in their formulas sold over the counter. There are also packaged rose oil on sale.

Jasmine oil

Many spa professionals regard jasmine as one of the best calming essential oil blends for fighting depression. Derived from Jasminun officinale, the oil not only calms the nerves it also uplifts the mood.

Inhaling jasmine oil will affect the brain positively and decrease negative emotions that serve as depression triggers. It stimulates the brain to enter into a sedative state which is great for the mind and body.


The Ylang ylang flower grows on the famous Cananga tree. This tree is found in Malaysia, India, The Philippines, Indonesia and parts of the Australian continent. The oil is derived from the flower, and it is very effective against heightened blood pressure.

The lovely fragrance can help you relax even if your environment is not very conducive, but it will not trigger sleep.

Relaxing essential oil blends and how to use them

The beauty of essential oils is that you can use them singularly and collectively. If you want fast and long-term results, mixing the right oils to form the perfect blend is a smart move to make. Here are helpful oil blends and how to use them

Diffuse and inhale mixtures

The best way to get the full value of your essential oil is to diffuse it. With the fragrance already permeating the air, each time you inhale air, you suck in a minute amount of the oil. The regular inflow of the fragrance will regulate your central nervous system and induce a feeling of calmness. Blending two or more oils will also create a whole new fragrance that will be as potent as it is as calming.

Oils you can blend include 

Mood calmer (Rosemary Oil (3 drops), Lavender Oil (2 drops), Wild Orange (2 drops), Peppermint oil (1 drop)

Sleep trigger (Geranium Oil (2 drops), Clary Sage (2 drops), Patchouli Oil (1 drop), Ylang ylang oil (1 drop)

The most effective way to use calming essential oil blends

After mixing your oils, use any following steps to apply them.

Sniffing a cotton ball

One of the simplest ways to use essential oils to relax is to sniff them. All you need to do is douse a cotton ball into the blend and sniff it. To do it effectively, hold it close to your nose and take deep breaths. Do this a few times every few minutes or as often as you can. Sniffing oil blends will help you stay calm and focused.

Apply in your car

If you spend a significant part of your day inside your car, you may not get the full value of your oil if you apply it in your room. So make the best use of your situation by leaving your clothespin with the blend. You can even place a few drops on the AC vents so the air will diffuse it.

Apply on jewelry

Who says you have to remain in one place to enjoy the rich benefits of calming essential oil blends? Why not apply it to a piece of jewelry like your necklace or earring or even a Wristwatch. Fortunately, it doesn’t cause corrosion, so your accessory is safe. This way, you can continue to move around while enjoying the health benefits it has to offer.

Deep breathing exercises

If you work out regularly, you can incorporate essential oils into your routine by exercising and taking deep breaths at the same time. If you make it a habit to practice deep breathing regularly, in no time, it will become second nature. Just sit in a comfortable position with the fragrance already active and take slow, deep breaths.  

As you inhale the calming essential oil blends, the fragrance will circulate through your lungs downwards and upwards into the brains to trigger your nerves to relax. If you make this a habit, your body and mood will be better for it. And over time, you will become used to it and having your home or jewelry laced with the lovely fragrance of the oil will become something you were used to.

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