The Best Essential Oil for Ants

The Best Essential oil for ants (1)

Ants are an ever-present population around us and are often very problematic, but with essential oil for ants, you can make your home safe and free from these tiny pests. Leaving crumbs of food on the floor and unwashed dishes will not do you much good regardless of the volume of essential oils you use or ant repellent you use. This is why it pays to take a comprehensive approach to succeed in the long term.

Like fumigation experts will say, there are two different approaches to keeping your home insect-free. One is the elimination approach, while the other is the prevention approach to stop them from returning.

For homeowners with little children and pets, it is normal to feel concerned about using chemicals that may endanger their health; however, with essential oils, you don’t have to worry about risking their health and safety because they are chemical-free.

In this article, we want to show you how to use essential oil to get rid of ants and explore all you need to know about keeping your house ant-free.

What attracts Ants to your house?

Ants are attracted to different things like a good and strong smell, especially food. These intelligent insects are gifted with senses that help them track down food from many miles away. Some of the things in your home that may attract an ant invasion are as follows.

  • Sugary good
  • Pet food
  • Water
  • Flower scents
  • Packaged, cooked, or raw food

Ever wondered why you see only one or two ants in your home, and after a short while, you find a trail of ants numbering hundreds and thousands? That is because the first set of ants that found good in your home leave a trail of pheromones that others can follow to locate where food was found. This strong trail is what helps the first set of ants find their way back to your house, and others rely on the trail as well.

By their nature, ants are attracted to food which can be anything they can eat. So if you want your house to be ant-free, the very first thing you need to do is make it clean at all times. You can start by sweeping your floors and cleaning food droppings from your dining table. Washing your dishes and not leaving them overnight is another excellent way to prevent an ant invasion.

But cleaning your home is not a guarantee that ants will not come visiting. This is because some aromas attract them. Surprisingly, the scent of pollinated flowers attracts them too, so if you have such flowers around your home, you should expect to see ants all the time. But the good news is that there are also flowers that irritate these insects and ward them off. Good examples are terpenes which contain a unique scent that ants find irritating.

 Besides certain flowers, there are plants that contain essences, aromas, and fragrances that repel ants. If you use the essential oils extracted from these plants in your home, ants will avoid your place.

Essential oil ant repellant

Essential oil for ants is a solution for keeping ants at bay. These oils prevent insect infestations, so if you apply them in your home, you are not only warding off ants but other insects as well, such as moths, ticks, spiders, and mosquitoes. These oils give off a very strong aroma and remain present in the house for a long time. If you make it a habit of spraying or diffusing your home with the oil regularly, you will be amazed to see how insects of all kinds will never appear in your home as of by magic.

In addition, essential oils can be used singularly or combined with other essential oils. You are also free to make your own recipe by adding some other organic carrier oil like jojoba or olive oil. But note that not all essential oils work on ants. So scents may even attract them. To help you out, we have made a list of those who do. Find them below

Essential Oil for ants


Peppermint oil is one of the most effective ant repellent oil you will ever use in your home. This solution contains a very strong aroma you will find enticing, but ants and other insects will find it irritating. Peppermint oil contains menthol, which effectively repels ants. If menthol is active in an enclosure, ants avoid such places because the aroma serves as an insecticide. It is a proven insect repellent oil you should try at home, and the results will surely surprise you.


Lemongrass oil has a strong compound called Citronella, which is known you be an effective bug repellent. Citronella is also a strong fragrance that keeps ants at bay. Besides Citronella, lemon also contains Citral, and if combined with Citronella, they form a deadly combo against all types of insects, including mosquitoes and house flies. If you use Lemongrass, just know that you are protecting your home and especially your kitchen from insects while energizing your mood at the same time.


This is another well-known insect repellent sourced from the Cedar tree. Naturally, this tree releases a scent to ward off insects looking to eat its seeds. So effective is the scent that fabric and wool manufacturers and suppliers use it to protect their warehouses and products from moths. The bark of the tree is also known to repel cockroaches.


Cinnamon keeps ants away; that is why some fumigation experts use raw materials from the plant as a potent remedy. The leaf is very effective with a strong fragrance, but using the leaves in your home will liter your living space and make it untidy. This is where the use of cinnamon oil becomes effective. If you apply a few drops on your window and door frames, ants will not enter your house through any of those routes.

Interestingly, the fragrance also masks the pheromone trail that attracts other ants to your abode. When mixed at a higher concentration, Cinnamon becomes an insecticide with deadly effects. If you want to make an ant repellent with Cinnamon oil, use the following

  • 1 tablespoon of Cinnamon oil
  • ¼ cup of water
  • Mix in a 4oz spray bottle

Apply the mixture around your doors and windows, and any path ants may use to access your home. If your garbage can is close to your house, you can apply the same on and around the cans. Doing so regularly will stop ants from congregating in the area.

Note: Cinnamon may be unsafe for pets, so use it mildly or don’t use it inside your home.


Clove is not just a repellent but actually an ant killer. It has a strong fragrance and effect, just like peppermint oil, so much so that when sprayed directly on ants, they die instantly. The buds of the plant are also very effective too. But just like Cinnamon, use with caution if you have pets at home.

Citrus oil

There are different types of citrus-based oil such as orange, grapefruit, and lemongrass, just to mention a few, but there is one thing they all have in common; they contain D-Limonene, which is a potent compound and a very effective ant eliminator. If sprayed on insects, they die within minutes. So if you want an essential oil for ants that will work as both a repellent and an eliminator, you may use citrus-based oils.

Ridding your home of ants the natural way

To conclude this article, there are easy steps you can take to rid your home of ants. Prevention is always better than cure, so before it reaches the point where you need to start using essential oils and insecticides, you can do certain things to make your house an uncomfortable place for ants and other insects to infest.

Keep your interior space clean

As we pointed out at the beginning of the article, ensure that your home is devoid of good wastes and droppings. Start from your kitchen by ensuring that your sink, countertop, cabinet tops, and cooking area are clean. Keep your window frame clean at all times and block any holes ants may use to enter your home.

Then move to your dining area and ensure that the floor and dining table is cleaned after meals

Wash garbage cans

If you have a garbage can into which you dump waste, do not abandon it to filth. Many homeowners fail to realize that a dirty garbage can is one of the major attractors of ants and vermin. Once pests begin to congregate around where you keep the can or enter the can itself, it will only be a matter of time before they find their way into your house as well. So make it a habit to wash your garbage cans after disposing of their content. Then add some drops of essential oils into the cans, lace the handles, and cover with more drops. This will make it harder for ants to find food and will ward them off should they do so.

Clean pet bowls

If you have pets in your home, you want to keep their feeding bowls clean as good remnants may attract ants. So once they are done eating, wash the bowl and turn it upside down to dry. If your pet tends to eat much later than you would like, you can place the bowl into a flat tray filled with water to deter ants from assessing the food.

Check your houseplants

Check your houseplants to see if they attract ants. If they do, such plants should be removed and replaced with plants that have any repellant fragrances.

Essential oil for ants repels ants and protects your home from becoming a nesting site. But before the situation gets you to the point where you need to spend so much on an essential oil, take your time to adopt preventive measures like cleaning your home regularly.

Essential oil for ants FAQs

What are some essential oils that repel ants?

There are quite a few essential oils with strong fragrances that repel ants. They are Cinnamon, clove, and peppermint oils. Citrus-based oils are also effective because they contain a strong compound called D-Limonene.

Where should I apply essential oil for ants?

You can apply droppings on your windows, doors, and potential passageways that insects may use to access your home. Cleaning your cooking area with water and essential oils also helps.

How often should I use essential oils?

Consider using it at least once a day. When ants are more adventurous during summer, you can use them several times a day. Just mix a sufficient amount of oil that will water that will last a day or more.

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