What is Coconut essential oil?


Coconut essential oil is a commonly used oil in many Indian households and is slowly gaining popularity worldwide. Usually, coconuts are used in a variety of dishes to add that unique flavor to several sweet dishes. The oil made from coconuts takes a while to be produced but has several benefits which make it worth our while.

Essentially, essential coconut oil is a very tropical smelling oil that smells and lathers like butter and has numerous advantages for your body. You can use it alone, but you can also use it in several other oils. It has healing effects and a great smell, making it great for aromatherapy. Let’s read more about this great oil, which is used for wellness, cooking, and even therapy.

Major constituents

There are quite a few things required to create this buttery-smelling oil. The first and foremost of these items is the Khopra, obtained once the Coconut dries out. The fruit and the part you can eat is called the khopra, and expellers and power-driven rotaries extract oil from khopra.

Now that we have seen the major component of coconut oil, it is necessary to know that it is not made mostly of fatty acids but is rather made up of esters. Moreover, the Khopra is made of several acids, including caprylic acid and capric acid, which make up 8 percent and 7 percent of the coconut oil. These acids are highly clean and beneficial for humans to intake; thus, coconuts are also recommended to sick individuals. Alongside this, one can also deal with various skin infections and digestive disorders with the help of caprylic acid.

Coconut essential oil also has 7% lauric acid, which aids in energy production. Moreover, it is also constituted of 8 percent myristic acid and 8 percent palmitic acid, both of which increase the cleanliness of the oil by maximizing hydration. Several other acids are involved in the making of this oil. These include stearic acid, oleic acid, and linoleic acid. Together, all these acids make up what we consume as a buttery oil with a heavenly smell, also called the essential coconut oil, which has numerous advantages.

How is it made?

As we are all aware, coconut oil is made up of Coconut, essentially composed of copra. To be precise, coconut oil is extracted from the meat or the juicy part of the Coconut. There are several ways to extract the oil from this meat, including one dry process and one wet process. In the dry process, the copra is extracted from the shell of the Coconut; once the Coconut is dried, copra comes into existence. This Khopra is then grated and boiled in water to get the oil.

Another wet way to make this oil is to use raw Coconut rather than dried copra. Originally, the Coconut was boiled for an elongated period in the wet process. However, several modern strategies like pre-treating the meat extract the oil. One could also just put fresh coconut meat into a press to extract the oil. Through these procedures and by using the right tricks, one can easily make coconut oil in no time.

What are the benefits and uses of Coconut essential oil?

Once this oil is produced, the next thought a person might have would be to understand the basic uses that make it stand out. Here are some commonly known benefits of using this oil:

Full of heart-healthy fats

Coconut oil, when used in food, can be great for increasing the cholesterol level in the blood. This means your chance of contracting diseases, especially those related to the heart, will be far less. Coconut oils enrichment in fats is what makes it great to use.

Moisturizing for skin

One thing is for sure: we all want glowing, fresh, and healthy skin. With coconut oil, that becomes easy within seconds. One can apply oil to reduce moisture, improve the skin’s roughness, and even reduce eczema because of these moisturizing qualities, making it great to use.

UV protection serum

Coconut essential oil, which is not mixed with any other oils, can also be a great UV protectant against harsh sun rays. Several acids in the coconut oil make it great for the skin, thus ensuring it has protective qualities.

Reduce protein loss in hair

Coconut oil is known to reduce protein loss in hair, whether damaged or undamaged. Once this oil is applied, your hair will be shiny.

Used for aromatherapy

Coconut oil is a great carrier oil, which more than anything means that it can work great in aromatherapies. To use it properly, one needs to mix it with other essential oils and then use the aromatherapy machine to do the trick. With the subtle yet calming smell of essential coconut oil, one is sure to make you feel at peace.

Hydrating damaged hair

Coconut oil is commonly used for hair that is dry and needs something to bring it back to life. With the essential coconut oil, one can be sure to reduce breakages and split ends while also making sure your hair looks glossy as ever. Usually, this oil is applied a few hours before a shower and gives the ultimate results.

Collagen boosting lotion

It is no surprise that coconut oil is enriched with antioxidants known to increase collagen in your skin. This not only helps deal with cuts and minor injuries but also increases elasticity in your skin, making it easier to heal wounds.

How to use Coconut Essential Oil?

Strength of initial aroma

There are several types of coconut oils, each with different aromas and fragrances. Initially, rancid coconut oil has a very strong and intense smell. This means the scent is too overpowering. However, there is also unrefined coconut oil with a natural scent, while refined is neutral. It depends from person to person what kind of fragrances one prefers.

Aromatic description

Coconut oil has a smell that one can’t explain in words. This means that it smells like a particular calming but also hypnotizing scent, having enough power for us to be convinced to use this. The coconut oil smells very enriching, buttery, and subtle, all at once.

Blending and uses

In a cream or carrier oil

The great thing about Coconut essential oil is that you can use it with almost all kinds of other oils or essential oils, making it great to pair with and use. This will increase the benefits of using coconut oil, but coconut essential oils become a great carrier when blended with other oils. You can blend it with a series of other oils, including rosemary, eucalyptus, lavender, and several others. All of this makes Coconut essential oil one of the best oils out there.

In a diffuser

Coconur Essentail oils can not be used in a diffuser.

Can you ingest coconut essential oil?

Yes, coconut oil can be ingested when used in foods. However, it is important to recognize that coconut oil contains a high level of fats responsible for increasing cholesterol, thus should be ingested in moderation. Coconut oil is very commonly used in dishes and food, making it a delicacy.

Cautions, safety, and side effects of Coconut essential oil?

Coconut oil is not harmful and does not have that many cautions or side effects you need to be aware of. However, it is important to remember that taking too much coconut oil, especially when taking it straight from the mouth, is not recommended and should thus be taken within a certain limit. At the same time, by applying coconut oil  to the skin or hair one can be fully sure of no side effects at all.

The precautions while using essential coconut oil include it is not that safe for intake by newborns. This means kids under a particular age should be kept away from ingesting it; however, you can oil them with it without any harm. Also, cholesterol levels are another precaution of this oil. Thus, someone who deals with cholesterol should not intake that much of this oil.

Is Coconut essential oil safe during pregnancy?

Coconut oil is mostly used in foods while making any food dish. There is a lack of proper information about how coconut oil affects pregnant or breastfeeding women, so it is recommended to avoid it entirely or use it in a moderate amount to beware of any risks.

Is Coconut essential oil toxic?

Anything taken in a high amount can be extremely toxic for one, which is also the case with this product. Coconut oil otherwise has a list of benefits; however, one should beware that with the amount of high cholesterol this oil could give to one, you should take it in proper measure. It is often also said coconut oil is more saturated than butter, with 80 percent fat present in it.

What to look for when choosing Coconut essential oil?

Looking for coconut oil feels like a simple task because what more is it than picking up some oil? It is a longer process than that. Some of the best companies which do possess the best coconut oil are those which follow certain guidelines. These include

Pay attention to laws:

There are certain laws when one uses a cold presser to make coconut oil, and any company that abides by those should be the one whose product you buy, regardless of the price since it is worth it.

Use fresh coconuts

Using fresh coconuts is key to getting good coconut oil, and companies must have the right suppliers who send appropriate stock for good coconut oils.

Have a fast turnaround

This means that soon after, the company’s coconut oil collection comes in and goes out of stock quickly, which determines that coconut oil is genuinely good quality, thus making me lean towards liking it.

What substitutes are available?

There are days when you may run out of coconut oil. You can use the following substitutes for essential coconut oil to get the best result on those days.

While cooking, butter is the best replacement for coconut oil. The results will be equally rich and chewier, making one feel like coconut oil has been used. Alongside this, non-baked olive oil is another great one-on-one replacement for coconut oil. This oil gives a strong flavor to the dishes compared to normal oil but has the same consistency as coconut oil. Lastly, sunflower oil is also a great substitute for coconut oil, with only a slightly milder flavor.

Bottom line:

All said and done. Coconut oil is one of the most popular oils out there for multiple reasons, the top one being its great usage within food items. Also, it has a range of functions and benefits like being a great hydrator and moisturizer and full of healthy fats, and being a godsend for good- and healthy-looking hair.

With the right precautions in mind and checking all the side effects, coconut oil is a good bet for someone ready to use it in a limited capacity. However, you can use it to improve skin for an indefinite period, which is another reason it is a great oil.

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