Positive Effects and Benefits of Blue Tansy Oil


What is Blue Tansy Oil? Blue Tansy Oil has been made of a Mediterranean plant. It has a yellow color and supports the normal development of the human skin. There are different health-supportive components within the substance of this product. 

Blue Tansy is actually a small yellow flower also known as Tanacetum annuum. It is the scientific name of the plant. Chamazulene, Camphor, Sabinene, and Myrcene are some of the main ingredients of the plant and oil itself. 

Blue Tansy has become increasingly popular on the market, thanks to numerous positive recommendations and reviews of the product. The buyers have testified to the great benefits the oil provides, so the popularity of the product has constantly been growing. 

Still, the price is still high, comparing some counterpart products of this kind. The bottle may, therefore, cost up to $100, which is indeed a lot of money for a single product. Some shops might, however, provide various discounts occasionally. That means you might be able to buy it at a significantly lower price.

How It’s Made 

The Blue Tansy Oil is coming from the Mediterranean region where the plant is harvested. The biggest farms are currently in Morocco, and that country is the main exporter of oil and other additional substances for the preparation. 

The oil has usually been made through a distillation process. Farmers gather and trickle the plant. They then wait for the most important oil, Chamazulene, to be released. 

It is, therefore, necessary to monitor the growing progress of the plant because it might show different changes in some periods. The plant is not entirely the same in May and November, for example. The age, however, can make a serious difference during the distillation process, so the plant can be better and worse for oil making. 

What Are the Benefits of Blue Tansy Oil?

Irritation Prevention

The oil has the power to reduce the irritation of skin quickly, just by calming down the affected areas. 

That’s why doctors often prescribe oil as a natural remedy for mild health issues of this type. Some, however, might not agree with this, but you can find many positive reviews about the good and speedy effects of Blue Tansy regarding this problem. 

Anti-Inflammatory Components

Several components of the oil have positive effects on the inflammatory processes on your skin. There have not been too many studies about this aspect of the plant, however, many consumers have reported improvements, thanks to the oil consumption. 

Camphor and Sabinene are both useful components during the prevention and fight against different inflammatory processes. There are also some scientific studies that prove the fact in reality, and it is possible to find reports about the subject too. 

Antihistamine Components

Blue Tansy has been recognized as a remedy for centuries. Chinese traditional medicine, for example, recommends the plant as a cure for nasal congestion. 

The prescription says it is necessary to mix the oil with warm water. There is no need to put too large quantities of Blue Tansy. A few drops are more than enough for a bottle of water, and that’s how you can make an infused steam. 

Skin-Healing Assistance

Some components, such as Camphor, have shown good results for skin reparation. It is the biggest human organ, and different problems can occur there. 

Fortunately, Blue Tansy Oil can help you eliminate many issues, so you should definitely use it during fights against related health issues. 

How to Use Blue Tansy Oil?

Strength of Initial Aroma 

Blue Tansy has a pretty strong aroma, but the flavor is generally pleasant, and it does not cause any disturbance. On the contrary, it seems a bit refreshing while you explore the oil in that way. It is quite clear from the beginning, the product is health-supportive, and you can benefit through consumption.  

Aromatic Description

The aroma is, therefore, calming and refreshing with a quite complex but sweet and lightly floral flavor. You can freely taste the oil in that way, but you should not do it for too long because there is no need for such consumption. 

Blending and Uses

It is possible to use different sorts of blends in order to further improve the quality and features of the product. You can, therefore, mix Blue Tansy with a list of other oils, and they will appear as compatible substances. For instance, Clary Sage, Juniper Berry, Spearmint, Ylang Ylang, and some others are all suitable solutions for this purpose. 

In a Cream or Carrier Oil

It is often important to weaken the substance of the oil by adding appropriate quantities of water. That depends on a purpose, of course. Not all issues require the same treatment, so you have to follow the correct prescriptions to make the right substance. 

Blue Tansy Oil can, therefore, be added to the appropriate carrier together with some other type of oil. You can then apply the mixture directly from the item. 

In a Diffuser

The scent of Blue Tansy appears relaxing and refreshing, so some people might want to experience it more frequently that way. 

A proper diffuser is, therefore, a perfect product for the purpose. It gives you a chance to spread the oil all over your home. If you like the flavor, you can explore the Blue Tansy in that way too. 

In a Spritzer

Blue Tansy Oil is often ideal for that kind of consumption. However, it is necessary to prepare the right compound by adding appropriate quantities of water. 

You should usually add three millimeters of Blue Tansy to three ounces of water, but the prescription might be different too. That, however, depends on your correct health state. 

Can You Ingest Blue Tansy Oil?

Yes, your body can ingest the oil, however, it is usually necessary to mix the substance with water or a similar component. That’s how you will not experience any issues related to that aspect. 

The pure oil might sometimes create pressure on your skin, and the organ might have a problem absorbing it entirely. Then, deposits on the skin are usually visible, and you have to remove these with fresh warm water. 

Cautions, Safety, and Side Effects of Blue Tansy Oil 

Blue Tansy Oil is safe for consumption, but you have to precisely follow the prescriptions and recommendations. That’s the best way to avoid any issues with the application. 

When creating a mixture, you should only use safe and health-supportive ingredients. There are some oils that may harm the health of consumers, and it is necessary to be aware of the fact. 

Blue Tansy Oil can support some processes in your body, but it might harm some others. That’s why the application has to be performed in a proper manner. 

Some aromatherapists might, for example, recommend this oil as a cure for asthma. You should be, however, extremely cautious if you start therapy of that type. Blue Tansy Oil can indeed reduce and even eliminate some symptoms of the illness, but it increases others. The product is, therefore, good for skin problems, but it is not a universal remedy. 

Is Blue Tansy Oil Safe During Pregnancy?

Some scientific analysis has been performed with the oil, however, the exploration of the product has not been finished yet. That means it is definitely useful to talk with your doctor first if you plan to use the oil during pregnancy. It is the best way to avoid some possible health problems because the influence of the oil on infants is not entirely known. 

Does Blue Tansy Oil Stain?

Blue Tansy Oil can indeed stain your skin, but just on a temporary basis. It sometimes leaves a mild mark on the applied area, but it always disappears shortly after. There is no reason for worries, therefore, because no long-term changes are possible.   

Is Blue Tansy Oil Toxic?

It is important to keep in mind there are two types of tansy oil. You should buy the essential oil known as Tanacetum annuum. There is also another variety named Tanacetum vulgare. That type contains thujone in high concentrations, and the component is a toxic one. It is the reason to be cautious because if you make the wrong selection, you might experience different problems. 

What to Look for When Choosing Blue Tansy Oil?

It is, therefore, necessary to pay attention to a particular type of tansy oil. That’s how you can avoid some possible health problems. Also, you will not experience any benefits so you will lose time, energy, and money. 

Not all the producers are the same. Blue Tansy Oil is increasingly popular on the market, and that means you can find a list of different manufacturers. However, the quality of products might vary, depending on each particular case. 

Some knowledge on the matter can help you make the right selection. It is better to give more money and purchase the best kind of oil than try to save by compromising with the quality. 

Your health is the most important thing, and it is good to invest in it properly. That’s an excellent way to help your skin and eliminate any health issues as fast as possible. 

What Substitutes Are There?

Roman chamomile oil, rosemary essential oil, mugwort oil, and lavender essential oil are some of the best substitutes. There are more solutions of this type, however, and the list is a bit long. 

What to Look for

The oil has to have an appropriate bottle and package. It has to be closed properly, and you should always buy the right type only. Choose established brands for a higher level of quality. 

Bottom Line

Blue Tansy Oil is a popular natural remedy, however, it is still in the process of exploration, and some studies have yet to be finished. 

It is apparently good for different skin issues, but it is not a universal cure, and you should not try to use it as such.

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