All Aboard the EO Train

Everywhere I turn, I'm seeing natural products being sold with essential oils. I am seeing people with NO aromatherapy training creating blends and selling them. On etsy. In craft shows. In farmer's markets. Some companies are "lucky" enough to have marketing professionals, not aromatherapists, as their owners and can reach mass markets without a clue how to properly formulate. I am seeing reps with no aromatherapy training giving trusting parents advice on how to use oils on their children. I am seeing people copying pins they find off Pinterest and thinking they could replicate blends created from trusted companies.


I will be the first to admit that I thought the same when I first started with essential oils. "Oh, I could do this". I thought blending was just combining oils together. "It couldn't be THAT hard!" I thought to myself. Pinterest was a resource. The MLM I was in was a resource. I listened to people who did not have any aromatherapy training. I thought natural automatically equaled safe. I'm telling you this because I want you to realize that ...


People who begin their aromatherapy journey make mistakes. I made them. Other aromatherapists made them. Aromatherapy is a complex subject. There is A LOT of information to absorb. It can be overwhelming. It can be confusing. It can be downright difficult to get it all straight.


So many people and companies want to jump on the "EO Train". It's a hot ticket right now and people are banking on its popularity to make a quick buck. But these people do not realize the harm they are causing by selling and marketing products that are not safe for babies, children, or adults. 


It is not just putting some oils in a bottle and calling it a day. When blending, I look at the following criteria to properly formulate:

  • The chemical constituents of the essential oil and their actions on the body

  • The chemical family that the essential oil comes from

  • The plant part the oil is distilled from

  • The location where the crop was taken

  • The emotional energetics of the oil

  • The maximum dermal dose of the oils

  • The correct dermal dose to avoid a phototoxic reaction

  • If the oil is a known mucous membrane irritant, dermal irritant, dermal sensitizer

  • Contraindications for children, the elderly, pregnant women, immune compromised, etc.

  • Contraindications for medications and medical diagnoses

  • The correct dilution percentage for the issue that needs to be addressed

  • The most effective modality of aromatherapy that should be utilized

  • The synergy of the oils used in the blend

  • The aroma of the oils

  • The proper carrier that can enhance the blend

  • Previous experience with the oils and its known effects

I want to convey this message especially to all the parents out there. Natural doesn't always equal safe. Please stop trusting a product just because you see it at Target or your friend sells it. Your children depend on you and trust you to keep them safe. This includes natural products you put on their bodies. You wouldn't give them a potent medication without researching or asking the experts. Please think of essential oils the same way. Consult with an aromatherapist before you put any blend on your child's body. Of course, this applies to your body too, but kids are especially at risk. They are not mini adults and should not be treated as such

Please exercise caution when picking up a product formulated with essential oils. It is never a bad decision to reach out and ask an aromatherapist for a safety check. That is what we are trained for. We are happy to educate you. We follow the oath of "First, do no harm". It's not about sales. It's about safety. Your safety. Your kids safety. Everyone's safety before the government regulates them and we no longer have access to them. Let's leave the formulating to those who have been trained to do it properly and safely. Let's stop pretending essential oils are "super fun to use" and give them the respect they deserve. 


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