Meet Your Newest Friend, The Aromastick

I used to be that person. You know, the one who had a bag full of 5ml bottles of different essential oils in my purse. I had lavender in case my kid got a bee sting. I had Peppermint to sniff in case I felt nauseous. You get my drift…I was prepared for any situation that was thrown at me when I wasn’t at home. I have kids. Things are bound to happen.

That is until my Peppermint bottle leaked in my cute little oils bag. You know how strong Peppermint is. Now imagine it leaking in your purse. It smelled like a Peppermint bomb went off in there. While Peppermint may be good for headaches, too much of it can CAUSE a headache. And that’s what I had. A headache. Every time I went in the same room as the purse.

So while packing for an international flight, I was trying to figure out how to pack my oils. I didn’t want them to leak. I didn’t want to have to bring entire bottles with me. But I needed my oils. I wanted them for immune support on the plane. I wanted them for anxiousness that I might feel flying. I wanted them in case I overate. (I was on vacation, so overeating is pretty much a given.) But I didn’t want to bring all these oils with me.

That’s when I was introduced to aromasticks (also known as aromatherapy inhalers) during one of my lessons in aromatherapy school. Aromasticks are vented tubes with cotton wicks inside. The essential oils are added to the wick and popped in the tube. Then a cover is put on the keep the aroma inside the tube until unscrewed.  It was like the heavens opened and shone down on those small, portable tubes and said, “Use me!” I created my first aromastick blend and I was hooked.

Aromasticks are fabulous because:

1.     They are portable.

2.     They are small.

3.     They are like your own personal diffuser without the hassle.

4.     They are inexpensive.

5.     They allow you to reap the therapeutic benefits of inhalation.

6.     They allow you to customize different blends to fit your needs. (Blends are more effective than single oils when created by someone who knows how to blend properly.)

7.     They do not leak.

8.     They last months.

9.     They are easily replaceable.

10.  They are discreet.


I ended up taking several aromasticks with me on that flight and it was definitely the best choice. You might be thinking, why didn’t I take roll-ons instead? You do not need to apply oils topically unless you have a localized issue. Inhalation is the safest, quickest, and most effective way to reap the benefits from essential oils.

Instead of finding oil bottles in my purse, you will find aromasticks. You will find aromasticks in my child’s desk at school. You will find me using an aromastick in any situation where diffusion is not allowed or when it doesn’t make sense to diffuse. When would it not make sense to diffuse?

Let’s say I ate too many quesadillas at dinner. My stomach hurts and I feel sick from overeating. The rest of my family was smart and didn’t overeat. I wouldn’t apply my oils topically because I know inhalation is the most effective in this case. I don’t want to diffuse it because the rest of my family feels fine. I would have to use more drops to put in a diffuser for me to even smell them. In other words, diffusing would be a huge waste of money and oils. Instead, I can unscrew the cap of my aromastick, inhale, and BAM! Nausea relieved. Quick. Easy. Smart.

You can use aromasticks for a multitude of things: mental focus, immune support, respiratory support, digestive support, headaches, to relax, to ease anxiousness, to calm yourself, to energize…. I think you get my drift. If you are interested in aromasticks, you can learn more about them here. They really make the therapeutic use of essential oils easy.