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The information here will help you understand the science behind each oil and how it affects wellbeing in general or specifically tailored towards addressing any health concern that might be holding someone back from living their best life possible.

What’s your favorite essential oil?

With over 100 natural aromas to choose from, it can be difficult finding the perfect scent. But don’t worry! AromaSeek has all of them categorized by category and usage so that you’ll know exactly which oils will work best for each situation- whether it’s cleaning or calming down emotions. Just enter a keyword(s) in the search bar at the top right corner then click “search” below it; let our highly trained staff help turn those ideas into reality today with just one click away!

What is aromatherapy?

The scents of a flower are what make it so special. Scattering the petals across your room can create an instant mood lift for any space, and now there’s even more reason to do this with aromatherapy!
A popular trend in recent years has been using essential oils from plants as well – these distilled liquids have been used successfully by many people all over because they offer therapeutic benefits when inhaled or applied topically on the skin without side effects like other medications might cause (such simply being drugs). One way you could use them would be diffusing uplifting citrus smells throughout the house while reading.

What can aromatherapy help?

The healing properties of aromatherapy can be used in many different ways. Aromatic essential oils are often diffused into homes, hospitals, or offices to create a calming environment and help people relax which is why they’re so popular among massage therapists!

A few examples include using lavender as an anxiety reducer by inhaling its scent before bedtime; applying clary sage on the skin after washing dishes at home because it’s soothing but not drying like most other cleaners would do.